Box Tops for Education

The collection of Box Tops for Education is a super easy way to raise money each year for our school!

Where to find them: Box Tops can be found on many General Mills, Betty Crocker, Juicy Juice, Pillsbury, Green Giant, Old el Paso, Ziploc, Kleenex, Hefty, Saran, Viva, Huggies, Scott, Cottonelle and Kotex products. Look on all sides and surfaces of the packages (sometimes they’re hiding). You can also visit for more products or ways to participate online.

What to do with them: Clip them off and collect them in a Ziploc bag loosely or attach them to the flyer sent home early in the year. Don’t forget to the check the expiration date too! Send them to school with your child or drop them in the office yourself.

The collection box is located just inside the main office. Be sure to label the bag or envelope with your child’s name, grade and teacher. That important information is used to keep track for rewards and the classroom contest! You can also drop them in the box labeled “McCarthy Towne Box Tops” at Roche Bros supermarket.

For more information on how you can help our school earn cash through Box Tops for Education, contact Julie Weir.