Classroom Potlucks

crockpotThe Classroom Parent Potlucks have become a wonderful tradition at McT. Each classroom is asked to organize an informal gathering – a potluck dinner at someone’s home, dinner at a local restaurant, or even a gathering on a weekend at a local park. These events are traditionally adult-only to allow for time to get to know each other, but kids may be included if the class prefers. Younger grades are encouraged to have one event per classroom, but as the kids reach 5th and 6th grade, the classrooms usually combine for one larger event. Fall potlucks have proven most successful, but it is never too late in the year to have one.  This is a great opportunity for your class to come together and for you to get to know the parents of the kids your child plays with every day.  It’s a time to not only meet new parents, but reconnect with the old. Many play dates for kids have come out of these events!

If you are able to help coordinate and/or host one for your class, please contact your classroom parent or Tracey Smith.