Recycling is good for the earth and good for McCarthy-Towne!

There are several on-going recycling efforts that benefit McT. We collect toner cartidges, cell phones and other electronics which we send to a recycling company for profit. And don’t forget to save your unwanted household items for the annual McCarthy-Towne yard sale! More about the recycling programs below.

Recycling fundraiser continues, with new items eligible!

McCarthy-Towne sends used printer cartridges and used electronics to a recycling program and earns money for them in return. You can find collection boxes in the McCarthy-Towne office, at the main branch of the Acton Memorial Library and at the Acton Water District office on Rte. 111. Additionally, you may box them up yourself and use a shipping label printed from the Funding Factory or Recycling Fundraiser (formerly Ecophones) website and call UPS or DHL, respectively, for free shipping.

Last year the PTSO received about $400 from its cartridge and phone recycling program. In addition to cell phones, inkjet and laser cartridges, we are collecting digital cameras, digital video cameras, MP3 players, laptops, E-book readers, GPS devices and radar detectors. We receive something for every item, even if it is not working (although more for working items!). Unfortunately, we can’t recycle the following: DVDS, DVD players, desktop computers/CRTs, VCRs and printer/fax machines.

We participate in multiple recycling programs: Funding Factory for our laser cartridge recycling, and Recycling Fundraiser, formerly for used electronics. Cell phones and inkjet cartridges may be sent to either fundraising source. For information on the prices we receive per item, please visit the website for Funding Factory and Recycling Fundraiser.

Donations of items are tax-deductible; however, you should consult your tax advisor for a determination of the items’ value.

We are always in need or appreciative of help in a) setting up a collection bin at your office, b) picking up materials from the library and water district office or c) packing up materials collected at the school office for shipping. If you are available on a regular or occasional basis, tell Astrid in the office or contact Laurie.

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