Book Gifting

Welcome to the McCarthy-Towne Gift Book Program on behalf of the library at the Parker Damon Building. Everyone is welcome to participate.  It is so easy to give a high quality library book that will provide enjoyment for our students for many years to come.

Click on the link below to view the McCarthy Towne Library Amazon Wish List:

McCarthy Towne School Amazon Wish List

From Amazon, you can browse the wish list, make your selection, and purchase the book.  Books will be shipped directly to the school library.  If you prefer, books from our list can also be purchased from your local bookseller. If you purchase the book from a retailer other than Amazon, please go to the Amazon wish list, click on “Buying this book elsewhere” and enter the required information so the book title will be moved to our purchased list.  Books bought locally can be delivered to the library by you or your child.

If you cannot decide on a book title, you are welcome to send in a check (payable to McCarthy-Towne PTSO) and let Jen decide on your book donation.  You will be notified through email of the book selection.

Donating a library book is a meaningful way to pay tribute to an individual or a group. You can honor your child on his or her birthday, congratulate a graduating sixth-grader, thank a reading buddy, or remember a favorite teacher.  We will be happy to place a bookplate in the book in recognition of your donation and will contact you through email for details about the donation inscription.

Feel free to contact Jen Lewy with any questions. Thank you for your support of our school library!